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  • Reading erotica can help you rediscover your sensuality.
  • Erotica allows you to be comfortable with your own desires and pleasures.
  • Reading erotica can relieve stress and divert your attention away from day-to-day problems.
  • When you read erotica, you’ll be inspired to try out new sexual fantasies, seduction, and foreplay tactics.
  • Erotica is a powerful aphrodisiac that boosts sexual desire.Still not convinced. See for yourself. So Amazing Publications has a free e-book called Casual Encounters, which contains four short stories.

 Tuesday rolled over closer to her man Jaeric to inhale his masculine scent after a toe curling love session. From the moment she turned over and felt his third leg at attention it was on. Partly for her satisfaction and pleasure in mind, with her eyes still closed, Tuesday slid down on her man’s thickness s and braced the headboard for the ride of her life. Jaeric sprang to action giving her deep thrust making sure to let fill her deep and leave her in her feelings because that’s just the way he does it. After bringing her to climax after climax Jaeric flipped her over and had her biting the pillow and moaning until she damn near cried. The sounds of their sex filled the apartment and no mood needed to be set; it was straight up fucking going on as the couple sweated it out in the small apartment.

After the performance that he just put down, it was one thing for certain and two things for sure, the neighbors and the rest of the community heard them and he put it down. Jaeric put it on her so good that Tuesday didn’t want to get out of bed. Whether she wanted to or not, she still had to get up to go make the donuts. Unlike Jaeric, she was not able to take the day off, and unlike her, he was wide awake because it was his birthday. He was ready for all the birthday shenanigans.

“Happy birthday big head.” Tuesday planted a big sloppy kiss on Jaeric’s full lips before closing her eyes and pretending to snore.

“Thanks, but you weren’t saying that a little while ago.” Jaeric laughed. Although she was pretending to be asleep, she was drained. “Babe get up before you are late for work.” He whispered in her ear. The warmth from his breath caused her to stir. Jaeric planted kisses on her face as she rested on his chest with her eyes closed to try to get her up.

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