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Attending the Urban Fiction Experience  at Richmond Public Library can give you the chance to foster a love of reading and connect with your favorite urban fiction authors. Come out to enjoy the book signing and author event that becomes treasured memory for those who love all things urban fiction. If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area  check out the Urban Fiction Experience and other fun literary events! You can check out the event calendar here.

Here are 10 reasons you should attend the Urban Fiction Experience at Richmond Public Library

1. Meet your favorite authors

Book signings are a good place for authors to meet readers and fans. Say hi to the author! In the past the New York Times Best-Selling authorNikki Turner, Essence #1 Bestseller K’wan, Richmond Poet Laureate Roscoe Burnems, and other notable urban fiction writers attended. There’s something for everyone from author workshops, spoken word, interviews, and opportunities to interact with some great authors.

2. Support future authors

It’s a great way to have a lasting impact on someone who might want to write a book someday. The experience of meeting a published author can be energizing and inspirational for many aspiring authors!

3. Connect with other readers

There is no telling who you will meet at an Urban Fiction Experience event! There’s a pretty good chance you’ll meet other readers of your favorite author, and you may share other interests.

4. Make sure your local library gets some love

Consider checking out the authors’ books! The event is at a local library. You’ll help ensure that more author events occur in your local community by letting your library know how much you appreciate the event and how much you look forward to it.

5. Encourage a love of reading

Attending an event like the Urban Fiction Experience can give you an insight into the extensive amount of work that goes into writing or illustrating a book. Readers will learn to appreciate the time and effort to make some of their favorite stories.

6. Get your book signed

It’s cool to have a book signed by your favorite author! Almost all authors are glad to sign their books for fans and can add your name as a personal touch

7. Hear the author read the book straight from the heart

The authors will often give interviews and read from their books or excerpts. Readers may even gain new perspectives on their favorite stories when they hear the author’s take on their favorite stories.

8. Find new books to read

Discover new books from other fans at author events or library patrons who may recommend new ones to you! It is not uncommon for author events to coincide with new releases, so you may have the chance to be one of the first ones to read their latest book or to pre-order it.

9. A chance to ask thoughtful questions

Don’t forget to ask a few thoughtful questions. You may be able to pick the author’s brain about the creative process or book if the event isn’t too busy.

10. Get some pics

Take some photos with the authors but make sure to ask first. Hold up their book for the pic! Share the pics on your social media.

This is an annual event that you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendar for the Urban Fiction Experience 2023.

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