Welcome to the Ultimate Girls’ Trip for Authors

As an author and publisher of urban fiction, I’m here to ignite your writing journey with the kind of excitement you’d experience on a girls’ trip. We all know that dreams become infinitely more thrilling when they transform into attainable targets. As a Black woman in the literary world, I understand that our stories are gems waiting to dazzle the world. So, put on your creative thinking cap, and let’s embark on a goal-setting odyssey. Whether you’re taking your first steps into the world of storytelling or strolling through chapters like a seasoned pro, setting goals is the exhilarating twist in your author’s narrative.

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Embrace the Fun of Purposeful Goal-Setting

Just like the excitement of planning a girls’ trip, setting purposeful goals becomes a thrilling part of your writing journey. Dive into the joy of crafting clear, achievable targets and witness your writing adventures take on a life of their own. Whether you’re a beginner, embarking on this storytelling journey like an eager traveler, or an experienced globetrotter charting new destinations, the delight of goal-setting is the vibrant thread weaving through your author’s narrative.

Setting Writing Goals with a Splash of Fun

Goal setting isn’t about boring lists; it’s about creating a roadmap for your creativity. As Black women, our stories hold immense power, reflecting our unique experiences, communities, and dreams. So, let’s start by injecting some fun into the process. What’s the story bubbling inside you? Who’s your ideal reader? Your mission is to infuse every goal with your unique storytelling flair.

Get SMART with Your Goals

Specific: Think with the precision of a seasoned travel planner. Is it conquering a set number of chapters, sealing the deal on a publishing contract, or building a fan base that’ll groove to your words?

Measurably Defined: Define your goals with clarity, just like the milestones on your journey. Is it a word count target, a submission deadline, or engagement goals? Make sure it’s as crystal clear as a travel itinerary.

Achievable: Don’t reach for the stars if you’re still grounded in reality. Keep it real, sis, to avoid getting lost in the storytelling maze.

Relevance Matters: Ensure your goals align with your unique author journey. Don’t chase wild dreams when you’re already on a solid path.

Time-Bound: Give your goals a deadline like a thrilling activity on your trip. It adds urgency and a dash of excitement to your writing adventure.

Charting Your Author Journey: From Dream to Reality

Authors, our dreams may be as expansive as planning a fabulous girls’ trip, but it’s the road map that keeps us on course. To achieve your goal of publishing ten books this year, start by breaking it down into achievable, month-by-month word count goals. Think of it as crafting a memorable girls’ trip itinerary, one destination at a time.

Build Your Squad

In this exhilarating journey, you need a squad. Share your goals with a reliable companion—a friend, a writing group, or a mentor who believes in your adventure. It’s like having a sisterhood to embark on this journey and celebrate achievements along the way.

Roll with the Plot Twists

Just like a girls’ trip filled with unexpected detours and surprises, life and your author’s journey share this thrilling unpredictability. Welcome the twists with open arms and remain ready to adapt your path as the story unfolds. Flexibility is your superpower, not a weakness.

SMART writing goals offer more than just professional success; they are a form of self-care. With clear, measurable, and achievable goals, you cherish your creative spirit, maintain balance, and navigate your writing journey intentionally. These goals act as guiding stars, ensuring your writing aligns with your well-being, making them a path to both success and self-care.

Your Journey to Author Success Begins Here

In the world of storytelling, the voices of Black women are like the vibrant colors on a canvas. Crafting purposeful, SMART goals, mapping your girls’ trip, building your dream team, and rolling with plot twists are your brushstrokes, turning your creative dreams into an exhilarating masterpiece.

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Fellow goal-getters, it’s time to start penning your author success story, one chapter at a time. Your unique voice is the secret spell, and your dreams are the ultimate plot twist. Let’s make writing history together – it’s going to be a wild and fantastical ride!

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